New California Bill Changes Bank Levy Laws

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New California Bank Levy Law With each New Year comes a laundry list of new laws on the books, numerous of which you’ll never hear about. Our task as registered Los Angeles process servers is to keep our customers abreast of any new laws which might affect them, their cases or their delicate legal papers. […]

What Is A Process Server?

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What’s A Process Server And What Do They Do? A registered process server is an individual that is approved and licensed to deliver (serve) legal papers to people and businesses, known as defendants or parties. When a criminal or civil case goes to court, the attorneys notify the parties included through legal papers. The process […]

How To Execute and Collect On An Earnings Withholding Order


Wage Garnishment And Income Withholding Order Services In lots of cases, particularly those involving child support, you will be owed cash and require a method to collect on it. If the debtor is behind in payments or not making them at all, your best option is to execute an income withholding order. If the judgment […]

Things To Consider About Los Angeles Bank Levies

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Need A Los Angeles Bank Levy Served? We get many questions from people about doing a bank levy to secure the money owed on their court judgment. After all, bank levies are a fantastic method to get the court judgment paid at one time. It doesn’t matter if your judgment is from Small Claims Court […]