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Skip tracing strategies are methods that you must follow or make use of to trace skips.

Skips are individuals who can be either consumers, companies or debtors who desire not to be located.

They could attain this by moving from one spot to another, altering their addresses or also their identities. This is when skip tracing – the procedure of finding them – should be used.

There are a number of strategies that can be used, depending on the level of professionalism, tools and the specific circumstances. With skip tracing firms charging $50 – $300 for the service, there are basic skip tracing methods that you can follow and conduct all by yourself to save money.

They consist of the following:

Social Security Numbers РThis is a vital part of the skip tracing procedure.  Having the social security number of the skip is about the best means of tracking them down because it consists of all the names and addresses that an individual has had over the years, along with every civic document on them. These addresses are updated routinely.

Directory Assistance – As simple as it may seem, never ever ignore the usage of online directories. There are numerous¬† everyday resources that you may not have thought about. You can even call directory assistance and get info on the skip’s activities that could have the most present information about them. This will be beneficial in discovering a lost friend or a skip with a history of petty criminal activity, unpaid bills or even fake identities.

Cross-index directory sites are even helpful as they contain telephone numbers in addition to the names and addresses subscribed to each of them.

Updated Credit Reports – A skip that is averting debts will surely open new credit accounts. When they do, their new address will appear at the top of the credit report. With the support of the Government Income Collection Association, you can assess their credit reports and probably find their other credit accounts. These might lead you directly to them and maybe other creditors searching for them.

Address Service Requested Letter – If a skip has altered their mail address and is forwarding the mail to another address, sending a letter with the words “address service requested” will get you this new address. This is due to the fact that the post office will not forward this mail, and will instead return it to you with a yellow label with the new address.

Calling The Skip’s Family and Acquaintances – Possibly the quickest of all skip tracing methods available, calling individuals that know or are associated with the skip might lead to important information you can utilize to discover the skip’s whereabouts. As most credit services and banks insist on guarantors, a skip’s credit application forms may have the contact information of close friends, relative or personal references. Call them and see if you can identify the skip’s new address or geographical location.

If you find these suggestions complicated or intimidating, don’t stress.

Give our Los Angeles process servers a call today at (866) 754-0520 to discuss your skip’s details and see how we can go about tracing your skip without you having to get involved.¬† You can also fill out the form below and if we receive it during business hours, you’ll receive a call or email back within 2 hours.

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