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The everyday workload as a process server may be difficult: running in between contractors with writs, grievances, and summonses, all while aspiring your best to give good customer service.

If your customers are unsettled with the quality and promptness of your work, they might volunteer complaints that may be discouraging and could very well potentially impair your business.

However, there are several solutions to deal effectively with client dissatisfactions, such that your business can in fact promote customer allegiance and enhance your services, all while learning to cope with the stress of possible circumstances more appropriately.

6 Ways We Improve Our Los Angeles Process Services

  1. Allow Easy Feedback – Generally what causes clients the most anxiety is that they can’t share their thanks or dissatisfaction with the help of an established system. Very little upsets a client more than not knowing how to mention a complication because he perceives his advice is not being listened to. Create a comment form or assigned email address that someone checks and responds to on a daily basis that provides clients a way to give detailed feedback about your work, then make it open for downloading off your web site. Providing paper feedback forms to your clients might also be a good means to acquire feedback. Some customers will opt to give feedback directly about their specific case, and others will prefer to give anonymous, generalized thoughts; make certain they are able to do either.
  2. Quick Customer Service – Do you know how long your average response time is when clients have a question or problem? If it’s too long, it could lead to dissatisfaction and perhaps some squandered clients. Verify that you have your phones, email, and website contact forms monitored constantly. By responding quickly, your customers will feel involved in the process and assured in your work.
  3. Recognize Your Strengths – Client grievances don’t just point out weaknesses of your customer service; they also can directly or indirectly accentuate your strong points. For example, are some of your clients nagging about your lengthy turn-around time, but reporting that your professionalism is what makes them loyal? For the time being, present yourself based upon your strong points, and take a proactive stand on strengthening your weaker points. You may also ask customers to give you feedback regarding skills you aspire to develop.
  4. Managing Concerns – While confronting various procedural processes in civil courts, between states, and in unique legal circumstances, there are times mistakes can be made. Do not let customer dissatisfactions compel you into a reimbursement, especially if the defendant or individual is at fault for the failure of service. At the same time, even when process servers comply with all laws and are thorough, mistakes could be made or service of process could be challenging. Communicate and be straight up, but also do not be afraid to reimburse a client when it’s your responsibility. If you handle mistakes with respect, many times you’ll come out of the process with a better relationship.
  5. Be Definite About Expectations – You can stamp out quite a bit of customer distress by being explicit about your availability, expertise, and turnaround time from the beginning. When there is a complaint regarding any of the issues you have already substantiated in your original contract, you’ll have the chance to calmly spell out where you are in the service process and what they can expect moving forward.
  6. Constantly Improving – By supplying the best performance possible to your clients, you inspire them to continue to use your services. Outstanding customer service for your customers comes with a great deal of discipline. Once in a while, customers want what is close to impossible and will submit customer complaints, but they can encourage you to improve your services.

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